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I created this website to help those who would like to buy my original artwork but would not like to deal with me much. There have also been a few missed connections  and misunderstandings. I completely understand that we are living in times of a pandemic and that some human interaction has become more and more difficult. So here we are.

The work on the site is unique. Editions will follow and if you would like to receive find out when that happens then feel free to either subscribe at the bottom of the page or just come back later.

Also, because the work is unique, it might be a more considerate purchase for some. If you feel that one of the pieces here really speaks to you and you would really like to have it in your life but can’t exactly pay the entire amount immediately, then please let me know (you can use the form below). Do not go through the checkout process. I can reserve the work for you and you can pay for it over a longer period of time. A few months? A year? Years? Sure. During that time (if we both agree and it is okay) the work you are purchasing might have some adventures. It could be featured in exhibitions or it could take part in competitions, anywhere around the world. At the end of the process you might end up with a much more important work. (One with a better story.)

The images of framed work on the site are simulations and renderings. They are to scale but the work is mostly unframed, unless stated otherwise.

I am also very interested in donating my work to good causes. If my work can help to improve someone’s life, perfect. Also, please let me know.

And, if you would like to discuss my work in any way or would like to see it included in some kind of exhibition, then please let me know. (Of course.)

There are a few more places where some of my work can be seen and where it is also possible to read more about me and where this all comes from.

Ultimately, none of what you see here could exist without you. At least for you it couldn’t. So I am very curious how the work here might help us all understand ourselves better somehow.

Love from London

-Witold Riedel

And here is a link to my website

Below is a form for anyone who would like to get in touch.